Our expertise

EMIS is a family company engaged in importing luxury fabrics from around the world. The company was founded in 1987, and since then, it has pioneered in everything related to the import process of fabrics and luxury fashion accessories serving the Israeli fashion industry. The company was founded by the parents, and they were joined by their children, with the company name carrying the first letter of the first name of each family member: E.M.I.S.

In the beginning, the company operated in south Tel Aviv in the field of luxury fashion accessories. Over the years, EMIS began to engage in imports, and was the first Israeli company to import gemstone applications to Israel, what caused a real revolution in terms of evening dress and wedding dress design. In 1999, the company moved its operations to the Nahalat Binyamin area, and in view of the expansion of its business activities it transferred to a large and impressive store on Gruzenberg Street in Tel Aviv.

EMIS – The Natural Choice of All the Leading Fashion Designers!

In the last two years, the flagship store on Gruzenberg Street has been converted into a national logistics center specializing in supplying raw materials to Israel’s leading fashion designers. The EMIS logistics center provides Israeli fashion designers an impressive and varied supply of luxurious fabrics from all over the world, from prestigious laces coming from France, to spectacular patterns that come from India and handmade strung patterns. In addition to the huge variety of fabrics found in the logistics center at your disposal, you can also enjoy the rest of the company’s specialties which include, among others:

Providing advice and guidance in choosing the fabrics.

Fitting the fabric to the style of the garment – modern, romantic, strung, lifting of the dress etc.

Fabric building – manufacturing of a stump using a combination of numerous fabrics.

Lace background building.

In addition, EMIS specializes in the process of wedding dress accessory import and marketing, including crowns, crystal beads, genuine pearls, ribbons, applications, and wedding dress bottoms.

The company is a product representative of Dusey and Preciosa – a leading global manufacturer of crystal stones for the fashion industry.

Every fashion designer knows: behind each dress stands EMIS…