As a company specializing in importing fabrics and fashion accessories from all over the world, we at EMIS, specialize in importing a wide range of wedding dress accessories for sale to fashion designers and private clients. This department specializes in selling accessories designed both for the purposes of planning and production of the wedding dresses (fabrics, laces, patterns, etc.) and for the purposes of decoration and upgrade of the dress.

Among the items marketed by us you will find:
Crowns, Crystal beads, Gems, Genuine pearls, Ribbons for wedding dress decoration, All types of applications, Wedding dress bottoms, Veil combs (colored, gold and transparent), Lace and satin ribbons for decoration purposes, All kinds of buttons, including handmade buttons And a varied and impressive supply of custom-made wedding dress items and accessories!

EMIS – we work with all of the world’s leading companies!

If you are engaged in designing wedding dresses, and if you too want to enjoy the biggest, newest and most comprehensive supply of items and accessories, you are invited to become familiar with the logistics center operating in Gruzenberg Street, Tel Aviv.

Inside the logistics center await you experienced professionals who will accompany you throughout the process of adaptation of the accessory to the nature of the dress you are designing.